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Counselor Consulting & Education Opportunities

At Orlando Counseling Specialists, we also offer a plethora of services in the area of consulting and counseling. This includes clinical supervision, available educational programs, and much more.

Clinical Supervision

Our founder, Dr. Johnson is a qualified supervisor in the State of Florida and holds the passion for supervising registered interns. She desires to work alongside new counselors and mentor them in their clinical experience, personal development, as well assisting to launch them into successful private practices.

Company Assistance

Dr. Johnson also has experience consulting companies with EAP (Employee Assistance Programs), providing a variety of services to share her knowledge. This includes individual counseling, crisis management, "RIF" (Reduction In Force), helping layoff survivors with grief and loss, and much more.

Happy Woman

Mother with Her Child Coloring


Education is the foundation of teaching hands-on survival skills to parents, empowering them to utilize positive skills and techniques that will enhance their child-rearing experience. Whether you are parenting a troubled, wounded, or at-risk child, or simply need more positive strategies as a parent, we seek to offer some unique opportunities for you.

Through individual and group therapy, we offer the following two educational programs in an attempt to develop respect and responsibility in your child's character. This also helps resolve the issues and conflicts that are disrupting the home.

Parenting Your Troubled Child
In this program, we will be answering and discussing some of the following questions and topics:

  • What Is Wrong with My Child?
  • Is There Anything Wrong with My Parenting?
  • Understanding Unconditional Love
  • Seeing the World through the Eyes of Your Child
  • Setting Boundaries & Utilizing Positive Reinforcement & Consequences

Boundaries for Children & Teens
In this program, we will be answering and discussing some of the following questions and topics:

  • What Is a Boundary?
  • What Do Healthy Boundaries Look Like?
  • What Does It Mean to Enable My Child?
  • Learn How to Cultivate Respect in Your Child's Character
  • Learn How to Develop Responsibility in Your Child's Life