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Counseling Specialties

Professional Counselors Helping You & Your Family

The counselors at Orlando Counseling Specialists are committed to meeting the needs of everyone who seeks our help. The heart of our counseling center is to provide a safe place for people of all ages, with any kind of struggle or need, where someone can walk beside you in your journey toward emotional and spiritual health and wholeness.

Counseling Specialties

Men & Women's Issues
Our team is glad to work with individuals struggling with any mood or personality disorder as, well as others issues that relate to spirituality, guilt, and shame. Some of the most common problems men and women face include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Marital Conflict
  • Sexual/Verbal/Physical Abuse
  • Grief & Trauma Recovery
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Divorce
  • Addictions

We have a specialist who works with men, women, and children who have suffered from various types of trauma including physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse, as well as other types of trauma such as grief and loss. 

Depression is best defined by feelings of sadness, despair, and hopelessness to the degree that it interferes with normal functioning. If depressed feelings persist and impact the child's ability to function, we need to be concerned.

Social & Performance Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most common disorders among children, adolescents, and teens. However, with proper intervention, any child can overcome general anxiety, as well as social and performance anxiety and avoid a lifetime of suffering. In middle school, children worry about social status, social acceptance, academic, and athletic performance. A parent should be concerned when this worry is impacting a child's functioning. It is not based on what the child is worrying about, but on his or her level of functioning.

Self-Destructive Behaviors
The most common self-destructive behaviors we see in adolescents and teens include cutting, eating disorders, and sometimes suicidal idealization. Self-destructive behaviors are much more difficult for adults to recognize and understand. When a child stops eating, binges and purges, cuts themselves, or discusses suicide with friends, it usually is an indication that they are in some kind of emotional pain and parents need to get them the help that they need.

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Bullying is much more of a common problem than one might expect, and unfortunately, it happens all the time. In middle and high school, we see many types of bullying. For example, there is cyber, emotional, physical, racist, sexual, and verbal bullying, and in a few cases, stalking. Bullying impacts a child's self-esteem and often causes depression. In the worst cases, it can create more destructive behaviors.

Family Therapy

We believe there are optimum results when the entire family is involved in helping one child who is struggling. It is common for many struggles to begin in the home for a variety of reasons, and this is why it is important to focus on the family, as well as the child alone. It is our goal to always move the child towards a better relationship with their parent, not put a wedge between them. When working with families, we can observe relational patterns and other issues that are easy to manage once they are brought to the forefront.

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Couples Counseling

Relationships are meaningful and challenging; fragile and resilient. If you want to put your relationship on the right track, we want to help. Our therapists provide services for couple therapy, premarital therapy, divorce, and counseling for families in business together.